Depot Family Fun Center
....Something Fun for Everyone!




2. No Alcohol or Illegal drugs

3. No smoking or tobacco products of any kind

4. No fighting

5. No horseplay

6. No running

7. No climbing on rails or equipment

8. No improper or vulgar language of any kind

9. No loitering in courtyard or parking lot

10. Children 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older) at all times .

11. Failure to follow Rules/Regulations/Policy/Dress Code will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to removal from property as well as charges including legal, civil, or criminal.

Dress Code

1. Appropriate dress required.

2. No see-through attire.


4. No offensive, vulgar, or lude writing or pictures on clothing, including anything "Gang" related.

5. All head wear must face the front ONLY.

6. No exposed undergarments.





Safety/Entrance Policy

 EACH PERSON who is not paying for Bowling nor Skating on a Friday or Saturday night after 5:00 PM MUST purchase a $5.00 Depot Dollar Card and will receive a wristband upon entering the facility. This policy is strictly enforced for the safety and security of everyone. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in regards.

Food and Beverage Policy
DFFC does not allow outside food or drinks. It our policy that you may only bring a birthday cake into the facility for a booked birthday party. ALL food and beverages must be purchased through our Birthday Packages or at our diner counter.